Sunday, April 11, 2010

Waffle House Fail and Modified Tee Shirts

Waffle House is made for late night eats.  We all know this.  Don't go there during regular business hours, right?  Also don't go there when you're not really hungry.  I ordered a salad.  It was not good.  It took the longest to come out (?) and tasted sour. Could have been the dressing.  Either way, lesson learned.  There was something mysterious in my coffee, like a piece of plant matter, but who knows what it could have been.  It was disgusting, and they never refilled me.

In other news, I modified my first tee shirt in a cool way.  After admiring some lovely products on etsy and various other sites, I decided I should try this out.  I made an old Invader Zim shirt into a fun tank with corset style laces in the back.  This could be an exciting business venture!  Hopefully in the coming months, I'll be set up with some stuff for screen printing and can REALLY make some custom stuff.  That's my hope, anyway.  I just need to be making some sort of art again.  I NEED it.

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