Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hemming Jeans

I recently purchased a couple of new pairs of jeans.  They make my butt look awesome, I have to say.  However, I suffer from the family curse:  very VERY short legs.  This almost always leaves me with with about a mile of extra material on my jeans to look slouchy and sloppy and get all tattered where I walk on them.  Eventually the back half of the seam rips off altogether.  I heard once while watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (a slightly guilty pleasure, if I still had those) that you could somehow hem them and retain the original seam.  Determined to shake my ragamuffin appearance, I did a brief search, and turned up this wonderful tutorial by Dacia Ray.  I'm going to try this out tonight on my new acquisitions.  The best part?  You can hem the pants, while keeping the length so if you need a pair to wear with heels, just let it out again!  Fantastic. 

Now, though this has nothing to do with jeans, it does remind me of my puppy. Thanks to Autumn Blossom Knits and ihasahotdog.com for providing this one!

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