Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Greens and Bags

While the new diet has been challenging (we've cheated at least a little at every dinner, and ALL weekend) at least we're getting plenty of fruits and veggies!  That's been so very difficult to do, especially living with someone who doesn't much care for veggies.  I'm over my physical need for caffeine, but I still have a habitual draw for it. I did have a single small cup at Rachel's mom's house last weekend, and oh it was yummy.  We're both losing weight, and we're starting to get more active again.  We went on a fast paced walk last night for about 40 minutes or so, and that felt nice.

It also felt very nice to try out the construction of a new plush creation: the PLAIDipus.  I adapted a free pattern I found online for a penguin, and while parts of it went fine, there's much refining to do.  However, I like the oddly shaped version I have created thus far.  His tail is a bit skewed, coming sort of out of his side.  I don't know if this version will be ready for sale, but version two might work.

I also found brown houndstooth/plaid, which first inspired the plaidipus, but I dug up some tan ultra suede that matches, and I think they might have to join forces and become a ridiculously cute purse.

 I'm in DIRE need of a new one.    I'm thinking about trying this pattern, because it's darling, but I'm not sure how I'd use the ultra suede.  This one, on Made by Rae may very well work better.  Isn't it lovely?!  If it goes well (and how could it not) I may have to become a licensed seller of the purse.  I love the idea of licensing people to sell products you design.  It's the best of both world: sharing your wonderful work, and getting to keep it too!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

I have finally met my two projects completed per week goal!  They were very spread out this week, finishing one on Sunday, one on the following Saturday, but they are finished.   One of which is posted on my Etsy.  I was also pleased to have posted several other new listings, and uploaded much improved photos of a couple of others.  My camera was old (2 mega pixels!) and the SD card went kaput, so I had to borrow a camera, and the new photos look pretty snazzy. 

I also have been wandering around the Burda Style website, which is a new find to me.  You can find lovely free patterns, tips, techniques.  It's amazing!  They also have many patterns which are kept to an affordable price.  If you sew, you should seriously check it out.  It's been fun to scour the site, looking for ways to use all the material I have on hand. 

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Raw Diet - Day 2: The first taste of success!

The trouble with fresh spinach is the stems.  I love its mild flavor and texture, but I could do without the dressing on my nose.  However, it's worth it!

Somehow, magically, I moved from my shamefully-stuck overweight weight of 184 to 179, overnight.  I'm 5'7", curvy, and fairly muscular, so it's not that bad, but I've never been slim.  I'd like to be.  I thought for sure that my scale was on one of those weird spots where it lies to you and tells you you're 25 lbs, but I moved it all around the bathroom and measured about 6 times, just to be sure.

From all the reading, it's not uncommon to lose 15 lbs in a month, which is only 3.5 lbs a week.  And I still think this was somehow a fluke, but we'll see.  Tonight, I will also record measurements, as they paint a much more accurate picture.  My ultimate goal is to drop two jeans sizes.  That's going from a 12 to an 8.  I have this way of losing weight without changing size.  Maybe that means I'm just not working hard enough.

Other thoughts:

  • Caffeine withdrawal is terrible.  I almost fell asleep in a meeting this morning. And all this just after I was introduced to an amazing little coffee house I'd never been in before.  sigh
  • This on top of the other fatigue from your body adjusting to working very hard to get calories makes me one sleepy kid!
  • The dog has to play with an almond for at least half an hour before she'll even consider eating it.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raw Diet - Day 1

Going raw, day one, has been less difficult than I expected.  I juiced an orange and an apple together for breakfast, packed a salad for lunch, and some celery and grapes for a snack.  Turns out though, that this food is light, and I get hungry very easily.  I bought some additional veggies and a banana from the cafeteria (definitely not organic, but better than nothing!) and so far I'm doing ok.  I've been drinking lots of water, and though I have had tea which does not require a very hot brewing, I have refrained from caffeine completely.

Want to know a secret?  I feel just as sleepy as I did with the caffeine, and I stayed up past my bed time last night!  For now, I'm gathering up reference material, because I know this will get boring eventually.  You'll find a new page here soon with all my favorites.  Until then, here's just a few that I've come across:

We Like It Raw
Ok, so I listed this in yesterday's post too, but it's the first website I came across and it's a goldmine!  They have a host of people writing for them, each with a unique story.  There are also before and after photos, showing everything from weight loss, to gain, to vast improvement in the condition of the skin!

Gone Raw
Recipes that I can't wait to try, and forums.  Plus, from a design perspective, the site is absolutely GORGEOUS.

The Raw Chef, Russel James
This guy has a home study DVD to help you learn how to prepare food, and develop your own recipes, meal planning, etc.  This is definitely something to consider!

I'm going to weigh in tonight, and take photos and all that good stuff.  We're gonna keep a running tally here to see how we do.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Give it to us raw and wriggling!

Raw diets.  I'm intrigued by the idea, though I don't want to have to buy a dehydrator.  There are some interesting sites out there for recipes, and I'm kind of excited to try.  For example We Like It Raw has a tortilla dish that's supposed to win over even a "meat and potatoes kind of guy."

My question to you is have you tried the raw diet?  Did you love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in between?  How did you benefit or suffer?  Tips?  Tricks?  Recipes?  And if I should buy a dehydrator, what's the best for your buck?  Gimme all your info!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Props to You

In the world of games, the experience is highly specific to the group playing. Some take it more seriously than others.  Some like to make it an experience.  The guy at Propnomicon is one such person.  If you like Call of Cthulhu, this is your man.  These props for the game are fantastic.  The attention to detail and love of his work really show.  Beautifully done, good sir!  I always wonder what he'll create next!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Goals Schmoals

My first week of having a work completion goal didn't turn out quite the way I had hoped.  I didn't take into account that moving and unpacking loads of stuff takes up a significant amount of time.  Thankfully, we're almost through with the major stuff, and our schedules will be getting back to normal.  Hopefully by this weekend I"ll be able to work towards those goals once again.  Until then, I'll be banging my head at my failure to comply with my plan right after I set my goals.

At least I always have Rachel to make me laugh and lighten the mood!

TMSS #11:

R: "I like to make things difficult."
Me: "I know.  Why is that?"
R: "Fifteen inches."

Being subtle about changing the subject is not her thing!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life in a Box

Moving is one of my least favorite things, ever.  Now that we're out of the old place, we're living in a junk heap.  There's a small path cut through the living room to the stairs, and everything up there is a jumble too.  While I have very little desire to actually unpack everything all at once, I would like to restore things to enough order that I can think.  I can't follow my own rules if I have no working space!  I guess I never set a start date for myself.  It will be soon, I know that, but it can't be today.  Gah!  I wish I knew where the camera was, so I could take a picture of the madness that is our home.  I have a very long checklist of places to change my address, and things to update.  None of which can be done from work.  Anyway, it's time for

Things My Sweetie Says!  #10
"It makes the sound of fire and dripping."
-on the sounds of the water heater in the new place.