Sunday, May 23, 2010


It's finally starting to be warm on a regular basis around here. About a week ago, I started leaving my seedlings outside all night. They're hardening off fine. In fact, they're doing much better since they've been outside. It could have something to do with the MASSIVE amounts of rain we've been having, or the fact that they're getting a lot more sun out there. Probably both. But there's a chipmunk.

I knew the little guy was around. He ran lightning-quick across the patio last summer and sent Hazel into a frenzy of shrill barks. It's not often she sees something smaller than she is! But I was not deterred from my dreams of a container veggie garden. However, he may indeed pose a problem.

So far, he has not touched my plants. But he did decide to eat the starter cells down to the soil. I'm not entirely sure what they're made of, and threw the container away long ago. But whatever it is, chipmunks apparently like to snack on it. I caught the little squirt in the act.

He was working on this when I saw him from the sliding glass door. Thankfully, I just knocked on the door and he took off.

Soon enough, the boxes will be built and he won't have this to chew on.  I bought some marigolds, which I heard are supposed to repel such critters.  Hopefully they do the trick.  Either way, this will certainly be a summer of learning!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On This Episode of "Things My Sweetie Says"


R: You hate my pet names.
Me: They're very scatological.
R: They're lovalogicalicious.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Parasites and Plans

I had fully intended to build my planter boxes this weekend, but that didn't happen. What DID happen was a lot of hanging out with cool people in nature. This was extremely enjoyable! What was not so fun is that there seems to be an abundance of ticks. I'm gonna get made fun of for this post, but I have seriously never found so many in such a short time span. I found three on me - only one bite - and one on the dog. Four, in a four day span. This is probably normal for people who live in the woods and stuff, but I grew up in the suburbs. It's surreal to me. Parasites. *shudder*

I spent yesterday cleaning out the garage, and finally setting up my miter saw that I got a year or two ago. How ridiculous is it to have such a beautiful piece of equipment, and never ever use it? Very. I've got one of these. Isn't it beautiful?

Hopefully I can spend an evening this week building my boxes, and plant my seedlings.

Half of said seedlings have been taken over to Rachel's mom's place, to be planted on the piece of land they've generously offered to let us help tend. I have a lot to learn from Susan (Rachel's mom) and she seems to be eager to teach. I'm stoked! Hopefully it stops raining long enough for the ground to dry out a little. Then, planting! I can't express my excitement for this! I'm probably underestimating the amount of work this will be, and I'm sure plenty of other people are thinking that; However, I was never one deterred by hard work. It will be worth it!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things My Sweetie Says

Welcome to the wonderful world of Things My Sweetie Says! I decided to start keeping track after being shown and it has probably been more entertaining to me than anyone else. However, since she is really the funniest part of my life, I feel these anecdotes are worth sharing. Without further adieu, I give you numbers one through eight

1. On the transition between a "staccato" writing style, and a flowing one:
“It would feel almost like you were wandering around in the author's mind, picking little bits of fruit from the trees of his memories, and then you were sneezed out and sat in a rocking chair for the rest of the story”

3. "I hope you're really sick tomorrow." Said with love! Seriously!

4. "Viet Nam Crunch! It's not just cereal, it's an experience!"

5. On John Stossel:
"When I met him, he said 'would you like my autograph?' I said 'No, can I feel your head?'"

6. On memory:
"My brain is like flypaper."

7. Me: "Why can't I have a cookie?"
Rachel: "Because they're full of spider eggs and poison."

8. Because I frequently smell things that aren't there:
"sometimes I think you've got a nasalgeist"

If you were wondering what happened to number two, it featured some adult language, and I removed it.  It was a good one though.

Until next time! 

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cold - In May?

I have been trying to exercise and eat right as part of my self-improvement efforts. And I did great for a while. Over the last week or two, however, we've been hanging out with a new friend - who's very fun - but it's put eating out, getting drinks, and not having exercise time into my life. In addition to this, I face a unique struggle at work.

The cold.

Here's how it works: We have new seasonal associates (known to the rest of the world as temps) who are in training. Pack 30 bodies into a training room and it gets hot in there. So they blast the cold air, which is not restricted to the training rooms. Thus, we have to come in in sweaters, hats, scarves, bring blankets, while it's 85 and humid outside.

One thing that helps is drinking hot drinks. The three options are tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Well, I gave up caffiene, so I've been staying away from the coffee. I'd do decaf, but it still has dehydrating effects, and as you all know, that's not at all what I need. This is also the main argument for not drinking tea. So what's left? Hot cocoa. Sugar city. Forget the "no sugar added" kind that they have. It tastes like chlorine. I'm in a real conundrum. All this extra sugar is countering my efforts, and making it harder for me to ignore my sweet tooth when it comes a nagging.

I'm dangerously close to just sipping on the hot water. Would that make me crazy? No, what I probably need to do is get an herbal tea that's not made with tea, and that doesn't have the diuretic properties. Time for some investigation. Stay tuned, for the results!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Never in my life have I wanted to be a housewife.  I don't like anything about the 50's, except the clothing, but you're about as likely to see me in a dress and pearls as you are to see the world stop watching Idol.  But this is my next venture, because it's SO STINKING CUTE! 
Is this not the most adorable apron you've ever seen?

Actually, I'm going to make a full-length one first, for a friend of mine.

She started her new life as a home-maker late last summer, and I immediately thought than an apron would be the perfect gift, and never got around to it.  For her's, I'm thinking something like this:

The only reason it will be full length, is because she told me she was messy, and it would be better that way.  I'm super excited to get started on this!  I wish I felt this motivated all the time! First the -long overdue- gift, then the cute one for me!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lament of the Lost Lettuce

I finally planted some lettuce.  It sprouted very quickly.  And then my puppy ate it.  Not the squirrels/chipmunks/rabbits outside.  My dog.  Go figure!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Love Pup - An Introduction

My wonderful puppy woke me up this morning to go potty, and I can't get back to sleep.  I'd love to, but it's not happening.  Why? Because my brain gets too busy thinking about the fact that "balled" and "bald" are pronounced the same way, and that I ALWAYS say "wing'ed" if I'm going to say it at all.  Then I take a little tour of my body and figure out where anything is in an awkward position, and if I've unnecessarily tensed any muscles, correcting these things.  I don't know why I have this affliction, but it means I don't fall asleep easily, and that I don't get to catch up from being out too late.  But I do think of fun things I can tell you about!

Since you already know I love organic/natural/super good stuff, you could naturally draw the conclusion that this must certainly extend to my pets.  They're a part of the family, and keeping them in good health is extremely important.  The first step, as it is with people, is nutrition.  Dogs are hunters, and eat meat.  They don't eat corn, or potatoes.  Wild dogs don't, anyway.  And though the domestic canine has come a long way, their digestive system is basically the same.  So Hazel gets to eat fantastically high protein food.  I buy two brands, different varieties and rotate them.  Come on, you'd get bored eating the same thing for your whole life too!

The first is Evo. They have several different flavors and sizes of food.  Hazel gets the small bites, though she would probably be ok with the larger kibble.  Currently she's on red meat, and there is a white meat variety as well.

Note: One of the pet store guys told me that white meat is one of the culprits in dogs having tear stains.  Sounds odd, right?  I'll let you know if I see a difference.

Now Natura, the company that makes Evo, uses ingredients that I would put in my own body.  Their ingredients are grown DOMESTICALLY.  Remember all those pet food recalls?  They weren't involved.  Read up on their philosophy and such.  I think you'll give them your approval.

Next up is Orijen.  They, too, use locally grown produce.  The only difference is that they are based in Alberta, Canada, instead of the states.  Orijen isn't so concerned with having different flavors.  They have puppy formulas for large and small dogs, an adult formula, and one for senior dogs.  Theirs includes fresh caught salmon (yay Canada!), at the same incredible quality.  Seriously people, if the zombie apocalypse happens, you could totally live on this stuff.

Now, you get what you pay for. This food is a little on the pricier side, but I say TOTALLY worth it. A 5 or 6 lb bag is almost $20.  But since my dog is only 4.5 lbs, it takes her several months to eat that much food.  I say, if you can afford it, do it.  You'll see a difference in your dogs health, that might save you money and grief in the end!  Plus, the high protein and good fat in it is wonderful for their coats. I can't tell you how many times someone has pet Hazel, and said "oh my gosh, she's so soft!"  They ask me what kind of shampoo I use, but it's all in the food. 

Here she is, Hazel, the Love Pup.