Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Speed Update

- Got the Promotion!  Was driving to the Iron Maiden concert and they called me on my cell to tell me the news. I now get 4 to 5 times the number of emails per day and spend my life in meetings.
- Garden is doing well, though I don't think I'll ever have any lettuce, because it seems to be the first thing to get eaten by.... whatever is out there.
- Sewing and other craftiness is on hold because I'm PAINTING!  I was without printer ink and thus reference photos for far too long, but the problem has been remedied, in no small part because I can now afford to buy ink.
- Rachel and I are both spending a lot of time getting back in touch with old friends.  It's killer.  It seriously feels good to have my week booked up with various shenanigans with different people.
- Working out is going very well.  So well that I think I'll have to buy some heavier weights very very soon.
- SD card for my camera died at the Iron Maiden concert, so no photos for a while.  For anyone.  :(