Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spam, Spam, Spam, Science, and Spam

I work at a publishing company.
Sometimes I have to sort and route emails. Like I am today.
Mostly, it's SPAM.
Sometimes we get things from customers telling us that our books are wrong.
I have genuine concern for people who know that "strepsirhines" is the updated term for "prosimian," and have the time to tell us that our book is outdated. I mean, it will be fixed upon the next publication. They have people who do this. Only scientists need to know this anyway, right? Maybe they are studying to be scientists, in which case that makes more sense. Still, nobody likes a know-it all.

Once, we had an email from someone who was seriously concerned about a "pretty big mistake" in an art book, regarding the primary colors of light.
Primary colors of pigment: red, blue, yellow.
Primary colors of light: red, blue, green. TRUE.

Oh well.
At least they're trying to spread knowledge, and make sure it's correct! Props to you, science man. At least you didn't send me spam.

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