Saturday, August 28, 2010

Moving With Too Much Junk

Packing up for a move makes one acutely aware of all the stuff one acquires.  I have once again been reminded that I have too much!  It's not the books that give me trouble, or the clothing.  I donate anything I haven't worn in a while, or throw away the shop clothes that have become too encrusted with paint to be comfy.  The problem is all the boxes of fabric, polyfil, paper, wood, paint, and tools.  The problem is the amount of supplies that I have.

What's exciting, however, is my new-found ability to create and SELL my work!  Does anyone know what that means?  That means I can make all the stuff I love to make, and then GET RID OF IT!  While I'd love to start in and get to sewing right this second, I can't possibly.  But I have a goal: work at least every other night, creating, photographing, posting and selling items made with all the supplies I already have, and use it all up before I am allowed to buy anything new.

The Rules:
- No new supplies, except finishing touches, or contruction-based needs (thread, glue, etc.)
- Work every other night
- Minimum of one piece completed and posted per week
- Deadline: Dec. 31, 2010.

I want to make this kind of creative pace a habit, not a fight.  It has proven a difficult thing to do since college, but now that I'm getting back in to it, I'm feeling more and more myself.  At this point, I'm not sure if I have set a realistic deadline, but I think that will make itself clear rather soon.  So I have two projects that must be complete by next week:  Adrienne's Apron, and the Castle Klaamyer, both commissioned pieces, so they won't exactly be postings.  Should I count them towards my weekly goal?

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Clown Fish

Finding that I had the day to myself, I decided to take advantage of it, and paint!  This piece has been a lot of work.  A lot of tedious work, but I tell you, I am learning here.  These have been serious exercises in patience and attention to detail, and it seems they are paying off.

Today, I just worked on the fish.  I had already put
 down two coats of paint just to block them in.  Yellows and oranges are apparently not very opaque.  Today, there was enough coverage with the third coat to really lay in some detail.  I think I may even go back over it again.  This is a big step for me!  Have a look: 

Closeup of the upper left fish.  He has the most detail.  I love the shadows on his right fin.  If not for things like that, fish are somewhat flat, and difficult to paint, or make look convincing!

I think the bottom guy's eye is a little low, so I will try to fix that next time.  Otherwise, I am pleased!

How did I get these photos anyway, you wonder.  Well, I had the teensy tiny SD card that came with my camera.  With the highest quality settings (which I always use and get these less than stellar results) I can take about six pictures before it's full.  Needless to say, I won't be taking too many photos at fun events, but it will work for this.  I think I will save my Etsy earnings for a new camera.  Guess I better get back to painting!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seeking Balance

What I need most in my life is a center.  Something to ground me, keep me balanced, keep me real.  This has to be something internal, but finding it is very difficult - that's why I need it so badly.  And so, I'm beginning to explore things that will help me out with this.

At a metaphysical store, Rachel chose a necklace for me.  It was a spiral made of dark wood, about 2 inches in diameter.  I wouldn't have chosen it myself, but it stood out to her as something I needed, so bought it.  And - now this is where I'll lose some of you - I found that I am calmer, more rational, more able to deal with whatever may occur if I'm wearing this necklace.  The spiral has always fascinated me, particularly when it surfaces in nature, and seems to grow in personal significance.  Perhaps that is the cause.  Perhaps it is that Rachel chose it, or that some of her super stable energy found a home there.  Perhaps it's all in my head, but in mental matters, that is enough.  The only down side is that it doesn't go with everything!

So today, I begin to explore things that bring balance.  There are several stones that are said to aid in this, and I happen to have a friend who is studying jewelry making. I might throw a commission or two her way!  Among these stones are

Amethyst,                                         Citrine,                                    
and Lapis Lazuli.

I'm already kind of nutty about ancient Egypt, and I have a poison ring set with Lapis. I may just find a way to bring more of it into my life.  In addition, I am researching meditative practices.  If I can learn to focus, my world will change for the better.  If anyone has insight, do let me know!

Sunday, August 1, 2010