Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Battle Bag

Rachel and I created a lovely, scaled down version of the messenger back for her sister, as a purse.  We dragged her with us to the fabric store, and forced her to choose the fabric which most appealed to her.  She made some fantastic choices!  But creating the bag was to be no easy task.

I ran out of thread.  Not such a big deal.  I just ran to the store to get some.  This should have been pretty simple, but for some reason, it took an hour to make a stop to a store just five minutes down the road.  It only got worse from there. I won't detail the entire evening, but it involved bad bad BAD thread tension problems, sewing pieces in the wrong place, and LOTS of seam ripping.  Thus, it is and shall forever be known as the Battle Bag.

And, in like fashion, this post has raised a number of problems.  Oy!  In any case, enjoy these photos!

The Battle Bag - Apx 9"x11"x2"

Interior of flap pocket

Inside of bag - small pockets

I'm having a small celebration here as this finally worked!

Pop Quiz!
Why do brown and blue look so nice together?

I'm also celebrating the fact that my bell peppers have finally sprouted!

This is most wonderous to me.  I thought it might never happen, but it has.  I'm a bit concerned that it's not quite getting the amount of sun it needs, though.  Things are starting to look a little droopy.  My cilantro is already in a permanent container, so I moved it outside for the day.  Hopefully that helps it.  Otherwise, it looks healthy.  It's little feathery leaves are perfect.  Just PERFECT!  If it all goes astray, it's not too late for me to start again.  We still have three or four weeks until the last frost.  (Don't ya just love the Midwest?) Hopefully they all pull through!

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