Thursday, March 22, 2012

Plea for Help - Finding Fabric

Columbus, Ohio, is called a "little big city."  But there's a problem.  It's really hard to find quality fabric made from natural fibers.  Why?  I have no stinking clue.  If you do, it's in one of those quilt shops.  (It's still fairly country around here, no matter how we try to deny it.)  That's fine, but I want to make garments, not quilts.

I'm looking for cotton or cotton blend knits that don't have pink bunnies on them.  I prefer to buy fabric in person, but I'm not unwilling to order it.  So does anyone out there have a good source?  I would be forever thankful.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Best Spray Paint Ever!

We have been working nonstop on this arcade, and I haven't posted a single photo of it!  It's really Rachel's project, and perhaps that's why.  Rachel let me have a day off yesterday, so I got some much needed errands done.  (I was waaaaaaaay overdue for an oil change.) We bought a phone and dodged a hail storm.  I haven't been to my grandmother's house in a month, and she will soon DIE of grief from it.

So, dear readers, this is the cause of all that:
The Nightmare Arcade.  (That is, Nightmare-like-the-comic themed.  Because everything Rachel is horror and comics.)

We're going back over to the folk's house (AKA workshop) tonight, and I think we'll have most of the physical part finished.  Save maybe drilling all the holes in the control panel top for the buttons.

This thing is a BEAST!

If you ever, EVER need to spray paint something black, or any color, buy Krylon Dual.

We painted a couple of pieces of furniture black before, but never with such ease!  It covers really well, and the way the nozzle is designed makes it easy to press the sprayer button, too, so your finger doesn't die.  Two or three coats = an amazing finish!

Someday I'll get that knitting needle post up.  Until then, buy a can of this, and enjoy!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Arcade Weekend

With the weather starting to break, and my dad recovering from this winter's surgeries, we've been working like crazy on the arcade machine!

The computer's been built, and we currently have it hooked up to the TV so we can play it.  We spent the entire weekend cutting out the MDF for the cabinet.  The plans, well, they leave something to be desired.  You might be smarter than us if you try to make one yourself, and buy the templates.

But hey, it's going to be worth all the frustration.  It will definitely make up for it with the fun it shall provide!

I'm going to check out a specialty woodworking shop after work today to see if they have some hard-to-find tools.  Fun!