Thursday, December 30, 2010

Zig Zag Memories

Something about winter always has me running for the yarn crafts.  I made two Koolhaas hats, with much success!  These are a great stash-busting hat, but I indulged a bit on some of the yarn.  Silk and bamboo blend? Yes please!  I was showing off the very first of these hats to a friend of mine, who requested I make him a blanket.  He said to make it hideous, with orange and yellow.  Later, he said that he had particular memories he was trying to recall.  So, I added brown (also at his request) and a touch of some nice olive green.  I'll be working it into this pattern.  Gotta love the free ones, right?  This is what popped into my head immediately when he told me what he wanted.  I always get extra excited to make stuff for other people.  This one will evoke good memories as well.  You can't beat giving the warm and fuzzy feeling to someone by doing something you love.  

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