Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Rule

For every project I do for myself, I have to make one for the shop. That means in order to reach my two project/week goal, I have to make at least one for the shop. If I decide I want to make two projects just for me, I have to make two for the shop. Yes, that's twice the work load. However, the thing I've been hearing most is "I think you need more in your shop!" That may mean a flood of new mini paintings, but darn it, at least I'll be doing something! And mini paintings might just be the perfect avenue to explore comic style illustration, for the Zornow Challenge!

Did I just tie all my little goals together with a neat little goal? Yes, yes I think I did. :)

Also, TMSS#16:

To the dog: "I know you just want to get at my face chop!"

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