Monday, December 27, 2010

Good Stories

Amidst all the shopping, frantic sewing and knitting, and TON of baking we did, I was reading.  I love books, and always have.  I'm almost always working on some book, and this one took me a while.  I started reading Stephen Kin'gs Salem's Lot before we left for New England.  It came highly recommended by trusted sources, and it fell inline with the Halloween spirit, and the spooky theme of our trip.

It took me until las week to finish reading it, partly because I was busy, partly because I don't much care for Stephen King's writing style.  That is not to say that his stories aren't good.  I really did enjoy this on the whole.  For someone who has a tough time focusing anyway, his stream-of-consciousness style can force me into re-reading pages of text.  I've never seen the movie, but I hear it's very good.  If it stuck close to the story, I'd say it would have to be!  Ah, to have SCARY vampires again! This was a proud moment for me, to finish my first Stephen King!  If you miss scary vampires, definitely pick this up.

Next up, some non-fiction my friend lent to me.  The Sociopath Next Door.  Will it be merely informative, or make me all paranoid?

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