Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raw Diet - Day 1

Going raw, day one, has been less difficult than I expected.  I juiced an orange and an apple together for breakfast, packed a salad for lunch, and some celery and grapes for a snack.  Turns out though, that this food is light, and I get hungry very easily.  I bought some additional veggies and a banana from the cafeteria (definitely not organic, but better than nothing!) and so far I'm doing ok.  I've been drinking lots of water, and though I have had tea which does not require a very hot brewing, I have refrained from caffeine completely.

Want to know a secret?  I feel just as sleepy as I did with the caffeine, and I stayed up past my bed time last night!  For now, I'm gathering up reference material, because I know this will get boring eventually.  You'll find a new page here soon with all my favorites.  Until then, here's just a few that I've come across:

We Like It Raw
Ok, so I listed this in yesterday's post too, but it's the first website I came across and it's a goldmine!  They have a host of people writing for them, each with a unique story.  There are also before and after photos, showing everything from weight loss, to gain, to vast improvement in the condition of the skin!

Gone Raw
Recipes that I can't wait to try, and forums.  Plus, from a design perspective, the site is absolutely GORGEOUS.

The Raw Chef, Russel James
This guy has a home study DVD to help you learn how to prepare food, and develop your own recipes, meal planning, etc.  This is definitely something to consider!

I'm going to weigh in tonight, and take photos and all that good stuff.  We're gonna keep a running tally here to see how we do.

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