Sunday, September 26, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

I have finally met my two projects completed per week goal!  They were very spread out this week, finishing one on Sunday, one on the following Saturday, but they are finished.   One of which is posted on my Etsy.  I was also pleased to have posted several other new listings, and uploaded much improved photos of a couple of others.  My camera was old (2 mega pixels!) and the SD card went kaput, so I had to borrow a camera, and the new photos look pretty snazzy. 

I also have been wandering around the Burda Style website, which is a new find to me.  You can find lovely free patterns, tips, techniques.  It's amazing!  They also have many patterns which are kept to an affordable price.  If you sew, you should seriously check it out.  It's been fun to scour the site, looking for ways to use all the material I have on hand. 

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