Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life in a Box

Moving is one of my least favorite things, ever.  Now that we're out of the old place, we're living in a junk heap.  There's a small path cut through the living room to the stairs, and everything up there is a jumble too.  While I have very little desire to actually unpack everything all at once, I would like to restore things to enough order that I can think.  I can't follow my own rules if I have no working space!  I guess I never set a start date for myself.  It will be soon, I know that, but it can't be today.  Gah!  I wish I knew where the camera was, so I could take a picture of the madness that is our home.  I have a very long checklist of places to change my address, and things to update.  None of which can be done from work.  Anyway, it's time for

Things My Sweetie Says!  #10
"It makes the sound of fire and dripping."
-on the sounds of the water heater in the new place.


  1. Yes, I know I how you feel. It takes a while to make a new place a home. Good luck!

  2. Thank you! We're doing pretty well, unpacking every evening, but I can't wait to just rest.

  3. To where did you move? Are you still in Columbus or have you ventured back to KY?