Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby Greens and Bags

While the new diet has been challenging (we've cheated at least a little at every dinner, and ALL weekend) at least we're getting plenty of fruits and veggies!  That's been so very difficult to do, especially living with someone who doesn't much care for veggies.  I'm over my physical need for caffeine, but I still have a habitual draw for it. I did have a single small cup at Rachel's mom's house last weekend, and oh it was yummy.  We're both losing weight, and we're starting to get more active again.  We went on a fast paced walk last night for about 40 minutes or so, and that felt nice.

It also felt very nice to try out the construction of a new plush creation: the PLAIDipus.  I adapted a free pattern I found online for a penguin, and while parts of it went fine, there's much refining to do.  However, I like the oddly shaped version I have created thus far.  His tail is a bit skewed, coming sort of out of his side.  I don't know if this version will be ready for sale, but version two might work.

I also found brown houndstooth/plaid, which first inspired the plaidipus, but I dug up some tan ultra suede that matches, and I think they might have to join forces and become a ridiculously cute purse.

 I'm in DIRE need of a new one.    I'm thinking about trying this pattern, because it's darling, but I'm not sure how I'd use the ultra suede.  This one, on Made by Rae may very well work better.  Isn't it lovely?!  If it goes well (and how could it not) I may have to become a licensed seller of the purse.  I love the idea of licensing people to sell products you design.  It's the best of both world: sharing your wonderful work, and getting to keep it too!

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