Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hook and Needle Organizer

I work best when everything is tidy.  Pretty ironic, considering how much I like to clean (not at all).  Nevertheless, I seek to get organized, and endeavor to clean in spite of myself.  So what was making a mess?  Try my collection of knitting and crochet supplies; an assortment of hooks an needles which I piled (neatly!) on the floor.  So I made something to contain them, over the weekend.

It's cute, it's functional, but not the most well executed item I've ever made.  Still, I'm pleased to have a home for all my things.

It's green!  I mean, literally, and figuratively.  I had tons of fabric left over from my wedding dress, and my table runner, which all coordinated.  Not intentionally, I just apparently have pretty defined taste.  So I drew up this little beauty, a tri-fold organizer.  It ties shut with some ribbon (also remnants from the wedding).

It has a place for long, straight needles (Left), double point needles and crochet hooks (Center), and pockets for circulars (Right).

I even discovered this little trick for labeling my circulars.  I'm still working on ideas for the others.  I had planned on putting in a zippered pocket to hold stitch markers and tapestry needles, but I was getting so very tired of working on this.  I learned many things that I will put to use if I make another one of these.  I'll show you the process in the next post.

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