Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Building Walls - Part II

Well, I'm not the best framer, but I'm proud of my work.  I even did some of the drywall ALL BY MYSELF!  That's right folks, no help, but the knowledge I gained from my dear ole dad, and maybe the odd home improvement show.

Take a look at how different everything looks.From the living room, looking into the dining room, we used to see:

Then we took out the paneling, and the railing, and got rid of all the weird little heart shelves, and had ourselves a safety hazard.
Now, we see this!
No more staring at people's feet, under the dining table.  I can't imagine what the designers were thinking on that one....  From upstairs, the view is even more dramatic. 

Sorry about the clutter.  This was from when we first moved in.  We had a big.  BIG. hole.  

That gaping maw is just the entrance to the living room.  We turn on the light by remote (on the half-wall) for now.  

We were able to turn the table sideways, and the dining room feels SO much bigger!  Not to mention, safer.
This all might come together sooner than we think!  But probably not.  

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