Thursday, December 29, 2011

Text and Textiles

It seems that my logo was not as finished as I thought.  As soon as I posted it, someone said that it looks like "Of her" instead of "Other."  I looked at it, and thought to myself "dangit, you're right."  It has been updated, and I'll post the new and improved version soon.  I'm actually very happy with the result!

In other news, I received my corset supplies.  Yay!!!  I mail ordered the coutil, busk, steel ribs, and some twill tape.  Since this is my very first corset, I wanted to keep it simple, and neutral.  Simple to give it the best chances of turning out well.  Neutral because I have no idea what I'll wear it with, or if I even will.  I've been thinking about adding color with the lace, edge bindings, and flossing.  I'm thinking a very pale green or blue, but we'll see.  It will be a while before that decision has to be made.

Our gracious sew-along host has set up this flickr group, but of course, I'll post photos here, too.

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