Tuesday, December 20, 2011

1911 Corset Stuff!

Let me say it one more time:  I'm SUPER excited to be joining in in the 1911 Corset Sew-Along at Bridges on the Body.  I just purchased my corset-specific supplies, and I'm already frantic with anticipation.  I ordered from the recommended Etsy supplier, and CorsetMaking.com, instead of the UK supplier.  I'm just hoping their stuff is of good quality.  Of course, I'm too new to this process to really know what I'm looking for.  I do know that shipping stuff from the next state over is cheaper than shipping from across the ocean!  And either way, it will be worth the learning experience, I think.

I'm also a little uncertain that one yard of fabric will be enough for my... ample... frame.  At 56" wide, it should be.  I hope.  Coutil is not cheap, running about $20/yd.  Still, I want to do this the right way!  All in all, I'm looking at spending about $100 for the finished product, which is nothing, compared to buying one already made.

If you've ever wanted to try this, now is the time!

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