Thursday, January 27, 2011

CS Gallery and Cobenick Studios

As you know, I'm super excited about this upcoming print show.  Last night, I went to drop off my work and found a few more reasons to be stoked!

  1. The gallery only takes a 25% cut.  Galleries like to take between 40 and 60%.  No joke.  What that means is I have to raise my price so high to get what I want out of it that no one will buy it.  (I may have under-priced this stuff, but it's student work and I have NO idea how much time or money I spent on it.)
  2. They have a shop for selling loose prints.  In it is the print studio, with a small -but beastly- press and paper guillotine.  I can buy time to spend here, making prints!  They have intaglio and relief capabilities.
  3. Daniel - the guy who runs the place - also teaches workshops.
But the best thing of all, is that instead of paying for studio time or training with money, I can pay with my time and hard work!  Basically, for every hour I work at the studio helping out with whatever needs to be done, I get an hour of training/studio time.  Sign me up, please!

CS Gallery First Annual Printmaking Exhibition

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