Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Art Show!

As you know, one week ago Saturday, I had my very first real deal art show.  That is, one that I earned, by being good at what I do.  This is HUGELY different from the student art shows I've always participated in prior to this.  It was crazy exciting!  No, I didn't stay the entire time.  The music wasn't exactly my style, and the scene was, well it was the art scene.  But strangers were looking at my stuff!  I have no idea how a sale will work, and though I said I'd bring stuff for consignment in the shop, I have yet to do so.  It's been a busy week at work, and needless to say, my at home time has been filled with much more laziness and daydreaming than really anything else.

In preparation for the show, I attempted to make business cards at home.  That didn't so much work.  My printer is out of alignment or something.  It's a cheapy that I bought in 2004.  I'm lucky it still prints so beautifully!  If only it could have printed with the card cutouts... Needless to say, I'll have to have some professionally done.

Now that the ugly blanket is complete, I'm making painting the priority for a while.  Crafting won't be absent for long, I can't resist it.  Especially since yesterday I found a cute dog hoodie knitting pattern, and I have a bunch of leftover yarn.  I think Hazel will look lovely in gold!  But she'll also appreciate that I'm a happy dog mom, painting my little heart out!  This weekend, it's panel preparation, and then I'll be able to work steadily throughout the week.

Here's to doing what you love!

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