Monday, January 10, 2011

Print Exhibition at CS Gallery!

This morning, I checked my Etsy to find out that I have been invited to participate in a printmaking exhibition, designed to showcase Ohio printers!

Before today, I never regarded Etsy as a networking tool. At least, not for fine arts. This was a happy surprise for me. The show is coming up fast, and I don't have anything very new. I'm hoping this show will put me in touch with a working space, where I can actually create more prints! Otherwise, it's back to woodcutting for me. I tried the at-home silk screening thing, with some success. And quite frankly, the printing units we used at school were rather basic, and could easily be reproduced. But oh, to have a professional space in which to create my masterpieces?

I think this little dream of mine just might be possible!!!

Check out the CS Gallery, and if you're in the area, come see the show!

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