Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things My Sweetie Says

Welcome to the wonderful world of Things My Sweetie Says! I decided to start keeping track after being shown and it has probably been more entertaining to me than anyone else. However, since she is really the funniest part of my life, I feel these anecdotes are worth sharing. Without further adieu, I give you numbers one through eight

1. On the transition between a "staccato" writing style, and a flowing one:
“It would feel almost like you were wandering around in the author's mind, picking little bits of fruit from the trees of his memories, and then you were sneezed out and sat in a rocking chair for the rest of the story”

3. "I hope you're really sick tomorrow." Said with love! Seriously!

4. "Viet Nam Crunch! It's not just cereal, it's an experience!"

5. On John Stossel:
"When I met him, he said 'would you like my autograph?' I said 'No, can I feel your head?'"

6. On memory:
"My brain is like flypaper."

7. Me: "Why can't I have a cookie?"
Rachel: "Because they're full of spider eggs and poison."

8. Because I frequently smell things that aren't there:
"sometimes I think you've got a nasalgeist"

If you were wondering what happened to number two, it featured some adult language, and I removed it.  It was a good one though.

Until next time! 

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