Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Cold - In May?

I have been trying to exercise and eat right as part of my self-improvement efforts. And I did great for a while. Over the last week or two, however, we've been hanging out with a new friend - who's very fun - but it's put eating out, getting drinks, and not having exercise time into my life. In addition to this, I face a unique struggle at work.

The cold.

Here's how it works: We have new seasonal associates (known to the rest of the world as temps) who are in training. Pack 30 bodies into a training room and it gets hot in there. So they blast the cold air, which is not restricted to the training rooms. Thus, we have to come in in sweaters, hats, scarves, bring blankets, while it's 85 and humid outside.

One thing that helps is drinking hot drinks. The three options are tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. Well, I gave up caffiene, so I've been staying away from the coffee. I'd do decaf, but it still has dehydrating effects, and as you all know, that's not at all what I need. This is also the main argument for not drinking tea. So what's left? Hot cocoa. Sugar city. Forget the "no sugar added" kind that they have. It tastes like chlorine. I'm in a real conundrum. All this extra sugar is countering my efforts, and making it harder for me to ignore my sweet tooth when it comes a nagging.

I'm dangerously close to just sipping on the hot water. Would that make me crazy? No, what I probably need to do is get an herbal tea that's not made with tea, and that doesn't have the diuretic properties. Time for some investigation. Stay tuned, for the results!

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