Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Home Ownership --> Hand Strength

Since we started moving - and we did it twice - my hands and forearms have been KILLING me!  I've never had much of a grip, but out of necessity, I've had to force my fingers to hold tight to everything I own.  And then do it again.  And now, they have to grasp crazy plants firmly enough to remove them from the earth.  And squeeze the lawn mower handle (I mowed for the first time last night!).  I expect that once everything is tamed a bit, I will be able to needing mostly only the delicate grip required to hold a paint brush or a sewing needle.

I keep promising pictures, and not pulling through.  But I will show you the garden, now!  Sadly, I neglected to take pictures before we started tearing plants out, but it's still not the prettiest thing in the world.  I think this will lend an adequate before and after.

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