Friday, October 22, 2010

Ancient Art - New Fascination

I just realized that not only do I have a stash of supplies at my apartment, but my old room in my parents' house also has a closet full of stuff.  Oy.  So that means it will take much more time to work through all my stuff before I can justify buying it.  However, that also means there's much more to choose from!  And this could be good, because I just found a new art form/useful tool to try and create.  Thimbles. Ok, not your every day bucket thimbles, but yubinuki.  Any guess as to its origin?  *wink*

How can you resist something functional -that means totally justifiable- and this GORGEOUS?

I can't.
Here's to having two stashes of supplies and all the stuff I need to make hundreds of these suckers!  All you need is some thin bias fabric, paper, and some batting, or even a cotton ball.  Yes people, a cotton ball.  And of course, gorgeous thread.  Traditionally they use silk, but regular embroidery floss will work.  Just consider whether it's twisted, and how much luster it has.  Luster is nice.

Check out Shishi Girl and Ma Mercerie for instructions and ideas, all in English!  I'll let you know if I find more patterns in English, but I might just have to take a few more Japanese courses to get good at this stuff.  Why must I try to do everything I see?

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