Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Gardening is like flying. There's always some kind of delay.

It's June 2, and I STILL haven't made my planter boxes. The many setbacks include:

Indecision about construction materials
Lack of funds to buy proper construction materials
Tools not assembled
Tools not working properly
Incorrect tools for the job
Time constraints
Bad weather

However, I was finally able to get out to Rachel's mom's and plant my garden there.  I fared pretty well for the first sun exposure all year!  Just a slightly burned back.  I'm still sore from the whole affair.  Our clay soil here isn't very easy to hack up with a hoe, even after it's been tilled in with better soil.  This year, we get what we get.  We're already hatching plans to make things go more smoothly next year.

Among reasons for time constraints was the celebration of my birthday!  Friday morning, from the moment I got up, to the moment my tired-from-drunk-bowling body gave up on me, was amazing.  All weekend was nothing but fun.  Thanks to everyone who made it that way!

Tonight, I go out to my dad's, to see if he can help me adjust my saw, and to borrow his table saw.  With any luck, I'll have my plants moved into the boxes by the end of the evening, and pictures posted soon.  *sigh*  I'm going to be glad when I finally get this done.

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