Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Boxes Live - And They're Better Than Expected!

The planter boxes are finally built!  I went to my dad's last night, and he helped me out a bunch.  He even gave me the oh-so-brilliant idea of adding handles to the boxes for easy transport.  This is why I ask him about this stuff.  It is largely thanks to him that I have this love of creating, though some would say it's in the stars.  There's nothing quite like quality time with pops.

However, last night had a scary moment, too.  We were working outside in the driveway, and the neighbor came over to tell us "you might finish before the storm."  I thought "storm?  What storm?"  Looking westward, I could see some dark rain clouds in the distance.  About five minutes later, the air cools, the wind picks up, and the sirens sound.  Now, I've been places where that doesn't mean anything.  But around here, you listen to the sirens.  So we packed up the operation and headed inside.  I tucked my car in as close to the house as possible to avoid any possible hail damage, and we grabbed Dad's GIGANTIC flashlight.  We were determined to finish the job, hell or high water.  And, when the storm blew over ~like it always has before~ the planters were finally complete!

I may do two additional things with them:  drill drainage holes in the bottom, and line them with weed-block fabric, which I already purchased.  The point of these would be to keep the dirt in, and let the extra water out.  I have no intention of painting them at this point.  If my apartment manager says I need to, then I'll think about it.  But since we're moving soon anyway, I'm not concerned.  I was not really concerned with the aesthetics of this project, just strength.  Dad said that 3/4 inch plywood was a very "German" choice to make.  He also insisted on using 4 nails per side, after noting that three would do.  I come by it honestly. 

I'll post pictures and plans of the boxes soon!

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