Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day Fabric Findings

Sme time ago (I'm not sure how long, but it's been a WHILE), I purchased the Bombshell dress class from Craftsy.  Much more recently, I decided to actually start making the thing.  The pattern is too small, and even after sizing up, still required significant adjustments.  It was a process.  Io'm still learning this fitting business, too, so it's taken a lot longer than I would have liked.  But finally, I' comfortable with the bodice fit.

Rachel, and I ran all over town today with a friend of ours.  I needed other opinions about fabric.  After wandering through most of the prints in the store, I pulled out a bolt of fabric that all three of us liked.  I was clear that this was the fabric for my dress!  Finally!  I'm very excited.  Won't it be lovely?

It's just warm enough to work for autumn and winter, but will do well year-round.  

I also. Picked up this. Fabric that I've been eying for a long time.  I had no idea what to make with it.  It ju st do happens that my purse is on its last legs, and I think this will work quite well.  Hooray for new fabric and projects!

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