Monday, September 17, 2012

Higasa (Parasol) Purse

A long time ago, I saw some fabric at Jo~Ann Fabrics, and I loved it.  It was Japanese style parasols, and I had to have it.  But I did not buy it, because I had no idea what to make from it.  When my purse snaps finally gave out, I knew what I needed to make!  I bought a yard of that lovely parasol print, and had everything else!

The slits I made for the magnetic snap tabs tore... 
and the non-fusible interfacing came out along with the snap.  
I thought that fusing the interfacing, or in my case, sewing it to the fabric might prevent this issue.  So I sewed it on to the lining in a little square.  I also used an awl to create the holes instead of cutting the fabric, for a bit of extra durability.

The square distorts a touch, from forcing the tabs through the holes.
The color is not quite right in these pictures, so I'll try to get a more accurate one later.  
The orange lining is INSANELY bright.  

This thing is also HUGE compared to what I'm used to carrying.  We'll see how that turns out...

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  1. This orange color is so autumn/fall, just the great time to carry it :) Loving orange at the moment!

    Pei Li