Friday, June 1, 2012

Studio Makeover

My birthday was on Memorial Day this year. I took a couple of days off (5 day staycation FTW!), and my dad built me shelves for the studio closet as my gift.  Apparently I've become difficult to shop for, but this was a life-changer, people!

I started with two shelves (only two) with space-consuming supports.  I don't have any before photos, as I was way too eager to improve it.  There's plenty of space in this closet, but I had to stack stuff.  That means that if I wanted something on the bottom of the stack, it was a royal pain to get to.  I had a bunch of fabric totes, and figured that 12 inch tall shelves would accommodate either the totes or books, so that I could get rid of the bookshelf.

The sort-of-before.  This is all the shelf space I had.

Dad and I figured out how deep I wanted each shelf and how much lumber we would need.  We used the laser level that my uncle gave me for the first time to mark where each shelf needed to be.  (This closet is not plum or square ANYWHERE!) Two sheets of plywood, a couple of 1x3"s, and a gallon of paint later, I had a bright white closet with lots of shelving!

After - lots of shelves, no more stacking stuff!

Feel free to ignore the cross stitch teddy bear.  I think I made it in middle school.

It took me a couple of days to figure out exactly where I wanted everything.  I have one box of fabric that hasn't made it back into the closet, but that's just more incentive to actually turn it into clothing.  I think most of it is flannel, intended for pajamas, anyway.  I emptied the bookshelf, and rearranged, and well, the studio is about twice as big.  Plus, I can have sewing and painting projects out at the SAME TIME!

The biggest benefit: when cleaning is easy, stuff gets put away!  I think this probably cost my dad about $100 for all the lumber and paint, and it seriously changed my world.

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