Thursday, March 22, 2012

Plea for Help - Finding Fabric

Columbus, Ohio, is called a "little big city."  But there's a problem.  It's really hard to find quality fabric made from natural fibers.  Why?  I have no stinking clue.  If you do, it's in one of those quilt shops.  (It's still fairly country around here, no matter how we try to deny it.)  That's fine, but I want to make garments, not quilts.

I'm looking for cotton or cotton blend knits that don't have pink bunnies on them.  I prefer to buy fabric in person, but I'm not unwilling to order it.  So does anyone out there have a good source?  I would be forever thankful.


  1. Hey Jessica...

    I haven't ordered any online, but has a huge selection, everything is reasonably priced, and I think their shipping is only a $3.95 flat rate. They have a huge clearance section too and daily specials. Another online retailer with a huge selection is Good luck!


    1. Thanks! I also found Pretty good stuff there, too!