Saturday, August 6, 2011

Squirrel Rescue

Like any other Saturday morning, I woke up much earlier than I would have liked.  I took the dog for a walk.  I noticed a strangely shaped rock in the yard.  Wait, is that some sort of figurine?  No, it's a baby.... something.  No, there are FOUR baby somethings.

I ran the dog inside - somehow, she had not taken notice - and woke Rachel up.  We got a little basket, towel, and the heating pad.  We gathered them up - they were cold, and it's not exactly cold outside - and took them in, got them warmed up.  Rachel did some research while I drove around town trying to find various things with which to rehydrate the little fellows.  Turns out, they were squirrels. They wouldn't take anything from us, but we did manage to find a wildlife rehab center across town.  So about three hours after we found them, we drove them over. 

The lady there said that it takes about 5 days for an animal to die of starvation, and these little guys are probably on day 4.  She told us that squirrel babies will stay in their nest and wait for their mother to come home.  It will take days for the strongest one to decide to come out of the nest.  Sometimes the others follow, sometimes they don't.  We seemingly found the whole litter. 

They had to give these little guys injections of fluids, and told us that they'd let us know how they fared, either way.  They also said that no news is good news, and so far, no news.  It's driving me crazy though.  I hope those little guys are ok!

Rachel and I are thinking about volunteering out there.  They do such a good thing.  They get absolutely zero government aid, and don't charge anything for their services.  Volunteers are what keep their doors open.  Go help the baby animals!! 

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