Thursday, April 28, 2011

Smart Packaging

I recently - and by recently I mean a month or two ago - purchased some yarn from a local seller on Etsy.  Her shop is called Yarn Chef, and here theme is fantastic!

First of all, she sells exactly what you'd expect: yarn. Katy, the chef herself, has a slogan too - Cooking up beautiful color.  Why the odd mixture of food and yarn?  For that, you should really read her bio, but I'll sum it up:  She loved food, went to culinary school, worked in the culinary arts.  Then she had a kid, and needed to change her career.  She learned to knit, and now combines the two in this most clever way!

Not only is the product beautiful and fun to work with, I can't get over her packaging! Here's what I found when I opened the little tyvek (waterproof!) envelope:

The yarn was wrapped in tissue paper, and slipped inside a clear plastic bag.

She included the packing slip, a sample of some other yarn, with instructions for a knitting stitch printed on the back, and a hand-written thank you.  This is something I like to do as well.  I think that real-person contact is important to people buying goods on Etsy, home of the handmade!

Look at how beautiful the label on the yarn is!  Everything has her logo on it - including the sticker used to hold the tissue paper closed.

Here's the sample and thank you.

And what's on the back?  Instructions for a grafting stitch!

Now, check this out.  I love this.  How does she pull her theme together and bring the Yarn Chef full circle?  She includes a recipe card!

I haven't tried it yet, but it sounds delicious.  The card is so elegant and beautiful!  And every bit of it could be done at home, with clearly professional results.

Thanks for the inspiration, Katy!  I've got some work to do.  :)

Check out Katy's shop on Etsy.
Read more of her story here.

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  1. Love the simple yet personalized packaging! That's what I like about buying from handmade artists as well!

    Pei Li