Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wedding Band Shopping

We bought our wedding bands last night!

Classic white gold, no frills, perfect.  I'm glad we got them, too, since the price of gold just spiked.  The store hadn't finished their re-pricing.  In other words, we got a great deal!

Listen to this:
We bought them at a Fred Meyer - inside a Kroger.  That means we got these added bonuses:

  • care plan, including free resizing, polishing, and rodium dipping for as long as we have the rings.
    • Rodium is what makes the white gold white.
  • big discount
  • Kroger fuel points.  Really.  I'm totally taking advantage of that!
The girl who helped us out had different colored eyes.  She said people she knows don't even notice. 

Anyway, in light of the fact that we haven't done anything else the traditional way, we've decided to go ahead and wear the rings.  The size 10 I got is actually a teensy bit too big, so I might be taking advantage of that care plan!

Overal Experience: completely satisfying!

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