Thursday, August 5, 2010

Seeking Balance

What I need most in my life is a center.  Something to ground me, keep me balanced, keep me real.  This has to be something internal, but finding it is very difficult - that's why I need it so badly.  And so, I'm beginning to explore things that will help me out with this.

At a metaphysical store, Rachel chose a necklace for me.  It was a spiral made of dark wood, about 2 inches in diameter.  I wouldn't have chosen it myself, but it stood out to her as something I needed, so bought it.  And - now this is where I'll lose some of you - I found that I am calmer, more rational, more able to deal with whatever may occur if I'm wearing this necklace.  The spiral has always fascinated me, particularly when it surfaces in nature, and seems to grow in personal significance.  Perhaps that is the cause.  Perhaps it is that Rachel chose it, or that some of her super stable energy found a home there.  Perhaps it's all in my head, but in mental matters, that is enough.  The only down side is that it doesn't go with everything!

So today, I begin to explore things that bring balance.  There are several stones that are said to aid in this, and I happen to have a friend who is studying jewelry making. I might throw a commission or two her way!  Among these stones are

Amethyst,                                         Citrine,                                    
and Lapis Lazuli.

I'm already kind of nutty about ancient Egypt, and I have a poison ring set with Lapis. I may just find a way to bring more of it into my life.  In addition, I am researching meditative practices.  If I can learn to focus, my world will change for the better.  If anyone has insight, do let me know!

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