Monday, April 30, 2012

The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook

Well kids, I finally picked it up. Actually, Rachel bought it for me. The lady at the wonderful Sew To Speak said that if for any reason I didn't like it, she'd buy it back from me. The book starts with a section for beginners. It describes sewing tools, and tells you what you should have in your kit, shows you how to handle sewing machine, and goes over different stitches. I didn't realize that a book that covers altering patterns would also deal with beginner sewing tips. This plus 5 patterns, 3 variations of each, and the book's only $30? It's worth it! I haven't yet finished my project, but I started with the top. I was going to purchase a blouse pattern from their site anyway, and this had three! They encourage playing with and varying the pattern. The only thing I might like to see more of is how to tell what to adjust. But then, maybe I'm not there yet. I was amazed at how fast my muslin went together, and I'm super stoked to try the other patterns! Perhaps the most valuable thing I have learned, however, is that a 6x19" piece of one sided transfer paper just won't do. This is the first time I've ever used it, and frankly, I'm not impressed with what I got. Just some Singer brand stuff from Jo-Ann. I really need to order something bigger. You don't want to have to shift the tracing paper between your pattern and fabric, and trust it not to move! Anyway, I'm pleased with the book. Order it here or at your local shop! Happy sewing!

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